To my dear angel Sachi,

I’ve been saying this far more often than I thought I would, time flies so fast, you are such a big girl now. You are very talkative and happy. You are hyper and playful. You like playing pretend so much.

You love going to school. You are excited, but still shy around your friends and classmates

You are a happy little girl. You bring joy to the people around you

You are the sweetest.

You are very playful too. All you want to do is play play play

You love to ride the carousel

At times very pilya

You are very caring too

You are smart! Alphabet, numbers, names, letter recognition, few capital of countries and you’re starting to get curious too…

You love animals! From stuff toys to the real ones. Your favorite is this white bear and sawyer aka m(b)ingo the beagle stuff dog

And you are just plain cute

Did I say cccuuutteee?

We love you to bits, bachuch!!

Our greatest challenge this year is your constipation… you are so constipated that it takes you a day or two to dump all that “bad poopoo”.  You are afraid to push, nagpipigil, so it’s even more challenging for you, and for us.