I got a text message today from Globe saying that I have incurred more than 1,000 of mobile internet services and that my unbilled charges amounts to 2,500+. Excuse me po? Parang uminit agad ang ulo ko.

First off, I only connect on the internet using wi-fi ONLY. When there is no wi-fi, there is no internet connection. So I figured I won’t be charged for anything because I exclusively use wifi services. Apparently, I’m wrong. Always configure your mobile phone or tablet for this matter. Just to make sure that no charges from your network provider will be incurred.

Second, my Globe is a secondary number. I have probably less than 20 people who actually know my globe number. I use it to call my hubby and send him Php 20-Php 50 load. I use it minimally because if you know us, hubby and I are together all the time. So amounting to that is simply impossible. 

So, when I received a surprise notification like this, naStress ako! But thank you Globe for the text notification, at least I was able to report it immediately. 

I have to wait though for the generated bill before they can make any adjustments.

I’m sure it will be resolved, of course I wouldn’t pay for something that I did not make use of.

Lesson learned: call their customer service for any new phone configurations, especially if you have plans of using the internet, even if calling the hotline takes forever to connect.