At first, I didn’t want to share my real dreams (goals), it is too private. But I figured, when the time comes and I look back, I’d love to read my thoughts, most especially the private ones. I’d like to look back on this entry and have a contented smile 🙂

Besides, it is the initial purpose of this blog. For me, for us family, not for anyone else. (But if you, dear reader, do learn from anything on my blog, I am deeply honored that you read it =D)

1) Have our own home

This, by far, is the ultimate dream that we (hubby & I) have. No we don’t have (major) problems living where we are now, but we want our very own. I want a house where I rule… where even the littlest thing is under my responsibility.

I don’t dream for a big house, I just want a walk in closet, a garden with playground and the kid’s own room. If possible I’d love to have a high ceiling and a very tall Christmas tree come the holidays.

2) Baking and cooking lessons

In line with having a new home, my goal is to learn how to cook, if not, at least to bake. Ang mahal ng baking and cooking lessons ko, pre-requisite ang own home. LOL!

3) Educational Plan

I am still having second thoughts with this, hearing all the institution that failed all those parents. But bottom line is, I want security for the education of my child or children if I am to have more in the future 🙂

4) Life and Medical Insurance

Same thought as above, for security purposes for my whole family

5) Travelling as couple and as family

The hubs is not a fan of small countries. But I am. If I haven’t been to a country, even if it is just 2 or 3 hours away from Manila or nearby Asian countries, I am all for it. I want to see the world out there!

I’d also love to travel with the kiddo in tow. I want her to experience riding a plane, and go to different places. Disneyland is a must. We didn’t have resources back when I was a kid, perhaps the root of my dream to let Sachi enjoy the world outside the confinement of the four walls of our home.

6)  Snow

I still wish to experience snow

7) Europe and Great Wall

2 places I’d love to go to! It is a personal dream to travel— with friends, with family, with hubby. A dream that hasn’t changed since college days.

9) Financial Stability

As we are starting all these businesses, I dream for the time that I will not stress out on bills, payables and the likes.

Hard work pays off. I can’t wait! 🙂

10) Healthy lifestyle for all of us

This 2012, I hope we start walking the paths to these goals. Guide us Lord, and lead us to what is right, and better. Thank You for the multitude of blessings You have showered me and my family. May You continue bless us all in the coming years!