This Christmas, I want to have… savings! Hahaha! That is my ultimate wish. But how can I resist buying gifts? I looove Christmas and gift giving, even if it means just tokens.

So.. will all the December expenses, I may have to be realistic with this entry.Β Here are material things that I want this Christmas:

Digital Thermometer – a must!

Gold Shoes – From the Tory Burch Flats, to the Melissa Campana to Suelas Glittery Gold, I don’t care, I just want bring back my love affair with gold shoes! πŸ™‚

Tablet – A Samsung Galaxy or an iPad

Best compact camera fuji x10

Digital Camera – Canon G12 (Hoping the G13 would be released so G12 price will drop! teehee) or a Lumix DMC -LX5, or the Finepix whatsthemodel? πŸ™‚

On the above mentioned list, I’d probably be buying Β the first two for myself and for the little one πŸ˜€