One of the main toddler “problem” I have is the teeth. I wish I was more strict with brushing. But I partially think that her teeth is more prone to decay than other kids. In the words of my father, “may mga bata talagang  sirain ang ngipin”. Regardless, bottom line is, her 4 front teeth are unpretty.

I was so sure we were going to have a hard time with the dentist.
Luckily, she was so behave and did all the doctor’s order. Even gargling and spitting.

We’re going to have caps (?) -not sure if that’s the correct term- on her 4 front teeth

Happily sitting on the dentist chair by herself!

Apparently, she enjoys dental visits. Read about our first time here

After the dental visit, she gamely posed for the camera

So I gamely clicked away

Nakakaloka na sya! 🙂