I am jumping to a current post and will back track those that I missed — hopefully, soon!

Our annual Trick or Treat celebration. It’s our 3rd this year, and we are just as excited! Ganun yata talaga pag parents na… the word “exciting” is escalated on a different level.

Our first year, we came as a ghost

Our second year, the little gal came as Little Red Riding Hood

This year, she came as Little Miss Cute ‘n Fierce Zebra

Zebra at Trick or Treat 2011This is the fierce peg

Zebra at Trick or Treat 2011and the naturally cute peg πŸ˜‰

Sachi came with Trey & Jared, who came in animal costumes too! (Special thanks to Trish for attending to our mommy duties and sending our package right on time πŸ˜€ — Β next year, you’ll be part of this na rin yay!)

Animal CostumeMonkey Jared, Zebra Sachi and TREYceratops — the mommies weren’t that prepared with the costumes, eh?

We arrived past 11am, headed straight to the Picture Company for their photo shoot, lunch at Kabisera, then headed to the Rockwell tent to see the activities. Yes… we had a photo shoot. With which we exerted all effort for the kids to pose… well, at least smile. Dito pa lang, pagod na kami. Pleadings, bribery… name it! With 3 kids on the side… it was a market, a riot in the studio.

Daddy & Sachi, waiting for our Photo shoot turn.
I was trying to prep her up to show some smiles — Fail.

Inside the tent, Trey and Sachi have already warmed up, and now smiling for the camera. Maybe next time, the photo shoot should be scheduled in the middle of the activities — when the kids are hyped up already

Sitting pretty

Trick or Treat 2011 Rockwell
Bean Toss and Toss-a-ring

Afraid of the stilt walker aka “the tall man”

Then where we are most excited about — trick or treating!
It still puzzles me why we are so excited with this, when all we do is walk around and ask for few pieces of candies, which we can buy anytime.

Bottom line: It’s all for the kid.

Dino and Zebra

Sachi excited to get more goodies!

Trick or Treat at RockwellTwick or Tweats!

These 2 animals are serious in their hunt for candies!

Having fun fun fun! And this is what its is all about

After Trick or Treat, we headed to El Pueblo for another yummy feast at Texas Roadhouse – Fajitas come to mama! πŸ˜€

Our Treats —

We’ll do it over and over until she’s old enough and gets tired of it

The smile on her face says it all πŸ™‚