I am the girl who can go to a meeting or a party straight from the shower. I am not a fan of make up. I am not a fan of anything you put in the face for that matter. Even cleansers, toners, astringents, creams, etc. I am lazy when it comes to that. I don’t have the patience to do routines on my face before going out, or before bed time.

Hubby actually laughed at me when I told him he has to bring me to a class — when he asked what kind, I couldn’t bring myself to say “make up” because it’s so not me. And as expected, he laughed and smirked when I finally said it.

So, why the Make Up workshop?

The shameful story behind it: A very good friend of mine gave me a bronzer… I (somehow) know bronzers aren’t powders… but because of its applicator, I applied it all over my face like a press powder (hall of shame, hall of shame, I know). But I blame it on the applicator… parang pang press powder kasi!

At 28, I felt so ignorant, and that is not a good thing! With all things, learning is the enemy of ignorance, so upon seeing my cousin’s workshop experience, I vowed to take the class. With or without a friend. I will do this for myself.

Karen’s Make Up Workshop

The workshop was held at H studio at Shaw Blvd. It was relatively an intimate class with around 13-15 “students.” My initial concern was, the attendees may come in group and I may be left out (parang high school fear lang, kailangan may ka-group. haha!). But no, some came in pairs, most came solo, like me.

MakeUp Workshop by Karen

It was a 2-part workshop that started with a 2-hr lecture (complete with powerpoint and 2 models for visual techniques)

Then came the practical application. We had to do our own make up.

I was sitted on a group of 4, luckily I had a “seatmate” who is a makeup artist, because when we were given our palettes (with foundation, concealer, powder), I didn’t know how to start. LOL.

But when I got that the hang of it, its so fun! I partuclarly loved the foundation brush — usually, we use a sponge, or our hands, but during the workshop, I was introduced to the foundation brush… I didn’t want to end putting on the foundation. hahaha!

Needless to say, we experimented and applied the techniques that was shared to us by Karen. And ta-da!!!

My Make up done by yours truly

Make Up Workshop by Karen
Studio H 2nd flr Pure Gold, Shaw Blvd.
Workshop fee: Php 1,500
Deposit required: Php 500
Check out Karen’s Facebook page to know more details