My Birthday Flowers — secretly wished that I don’t receive roses — so happy to see this! =)

I don’t wish for anything grand for my birthday. I don’t even want any luxury bag. But maybe an iPad =p

My 27th was a year for family and business. It was all about enjoying the toddler stage of Sachi. This stage equates happiness for both of us as we explore a new world. Me, being a parent to the most adorable toddler, and Sachi experiencing a lot of “firsts” independently.

This year, she actively participated and enjoyed kid’s event like trick or treat and several birthday parties. We had a lot of firsts too, first time to attend school, first time to go to the beach, first visit to the dentist… On the business side, we put up a new venture, this time our dream of having a food business! Ar-J’s Manokanand we’re very happy with customer’s feedback and comments on our food 🙂

Travel, I finally checked my goal of going to Japan! Well, partly as I vow to return because our trip was cut short because of the unfortunate world-record disaster. We were shaken, literally, and was Manila bound after a few days.

This year, my (our) goal is to be independent as a family. Its time to be! With all the blessings and support that we got over the past 2 years, its time to step up and make mature decisions. With the grace of the Lord, we pray that He bless us with this 🙂

So… how did I spend the first month of my 28th?

1) Flowers and kisses and love from my family

Video on Facebook that I love to watch over and over:

Birthday pansit, crabs, caldereta lovingly prepared by my mom
and early errands by hubby to get me, my cupcake fix

2) Pig out sessions

Dinner at Romulo’s

Lunch at Korean Restaurant

3) Get-together with friends

Barkada Z1

Cadig boys @ Ar-J’s

The wives and girlfriends =)

BFC @ Romulo

Lunch @ Banapple

4) Pampering & Me-time

Simple pleasures like a “cup of tea and doughnut”  makes my day.
Cold Serenitea + Crispy Creme + Massage + A Good Company = Love

I also attended a 4-hr Make Up Workshop
My Before & After Shot (complete with the no teeth smile for the “before” shot haha!)

First time ever to attend a class on my own. For that, I was kind of nervous. I fear everyone is in group and I’ll be left out. Haha! parang high school fear lang =p

P.S. Hubby waited for me all those time (thaaanks!!)… so I was practically scrambling on the way out =))

5) More blessings

God is really good… new opportunities at work!

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings. May you continue to bless us with more love, wisdom, courage and happiness. Looking forward to my 28th!!! =)