Its a blogging milestone!

I got my first ever blog winner: ALTHEA! 🙂

Happy that she is a new “cyberfriend”. I fear there’s no one who’d dare join my contest. Well for one, the prizes are as simple as a bare-faced gal with no make up, second, c’mon, I am ecstatic with my blog stat but that is nothing compared to the standard stats of the blog-o-sphere! I barely have readers, why the heck a giveaway? Because I am happy 🙂 And all I need is one, and here you go, yay!

She said: “Seen your blog stats at midnight at 99, 999. I was hoping to catch it at exactly 100, 000 however, I was at work so I couldn’t monitor.” Would have love to see it on that stat 99,999 or 100,000… but I am no chuvaness so this is perfectly statistically fine in my “private blogging” standards.

Wee! Congrats to us!!! I’m happy, hope you are! 😉

To Nikole, I got your entry too… Thank you for taking time in sending! Will tweet you 😉