I started a blog to document my life. Eerie as it may sound, posting pictures when absolutely everyone with internet access can see it, and reading your thoughts — there really is something about it, and I enjoy it. Sending your thoughts “out there” is like a venue to relieve stress.

The ultimate purpose, of blogging, for me is for documentation. For the forgetful person that I am, this is very helpful. Wouldn’t it be nice when I grow old, I can look back and re-live my younger days… and if this host will last a lifetime, even generations after me would get to know me.

So for this supposedly secret blog, I am surprised to see that I am nearing 100,000 visits! That’s a big number for me. Although I want this blog to be as private as possible, I admit I enjoy “meeting” others. Strangers randomly commenting on my post doesn’t scare me off, rather, I feel like I gain friends. Its because they are commenting on something that I shared, which is always personal.

With all that said, the reason for this post is to give my 100,000 reader a little something to remember me by, or at least this little web home I call my blog 🙂 A little celebration for me! 🙂

I’ll be giving away some of my favorite treats, including themed pedicure, and red velvet cupcakes! I wish I can giveaway gadgets… that would be awesome. But this will do for now. Haha 🙂

1. A GC from Posh Nails: Strawberry and/or Lemon Twist Themed Pedicure for 2

2. Strip It 200g Wax Kit

3. Hello Kitty Slippers from Banana Peel

4. A 4-pc box of red velvet cupcake

How to WIN:

1. Send me a screenshot of BLOG STATS (found on the upper right pane of my blog) at arleneplacido@yahoo.com

  • It should show 100,000 or the closest to 100,000 (up)
  • It should show date and time on your computer
  • Please include name, contact # and address

2. Comment on this post when you have submitted an entry 🙂
3. Giveaways are transferable to any of your loved ones
4. Treats are to be picked up at SM City Marikina