No, not for me but for the little girl. I only wanted to buy Barbie Accessories. I wanted to introduce her to Barbie accessories so that her toys would revolve only around it. We have so many unnecessary toys, the kind you throw away, so to speak. So with thoughts of Barbie & her accessories, we made a trip at Toys ‘R Us.

The Barbie’s didn’t catch her attention. Rather, she roamed around the aisles and found these musical toys:

She got this guitar and a little drum (not on pic)

Just when we were paying, mother saw a remote car which was on sale but looks so chaca. I then led her and Sachi to the area of nicer cars and bikes.

The little girl fell in love with this

Complete with knee pads, elbow pads and helmet. From chaca to chica! She looks like a sporty chic!

This little girls is adventurous. She wants to drive, not afraid of motorcycles… the opposite of me 😀

Oh the toys of this generation. Makes me want to be a kid again 🙂