Sachi loves to go to school. We started her last year at Tumble Tots. Sadly, the British Preschool closed so we have yet to find another school for her.

Last summer, we already started with the classroom set-up, where she goes to class by herself, without adult companion. So now that I am on the look out for another school, I wanted a school that would admit a 2 and a half year-old without companion. I dont want to back track and accompany her inside the classroom again, she migh get all confused.

So, my first choice is Gymboree. The Eastwood branch is the nearest. Unfortunately, they don’t have a program that promotes idependence for her age. All classes have adult companions.

Second is Mother Goose Playskool in Marikina. I have yet to visit but I’ve already called. They do accept toddlers on a monthly or quarterly sched, depends on the arrangement with the school Directress. That’s one more thing in my criteria –that my little girl goes to school, not for the entire school year, but per session. At her age, an entire school year might be tragic, not only for us but for the child. 2 and a half pa lang… I think it is too early for an entire school year (the very reason why I didn’t push for a june enrollment — thus my hunt at this time of the year).

A major drawback for Mother Goose is the location, it is located at Provident. Although it is near our area, hubby is praning. The village doesn’t really have a good name when the rain starts to pour — and with our weather, I think this school might just be scracthed off our list.

There is also ISYC, the location is good, its near our other baby,  AR-J‘s, and I have read good reviews. I haven’t seen the place yet but I’ve been meaning to visit.

— written August 10, 2011