Who haven’t heard of online deals? With a lot of establishments participating in these awesome deals, its hard to pay full amount on purchases/services when you know you could have gotten a better deal… by availing promos from these online websites.

There’s groupon, ensogo, deal grocer (all of which I get email updates) and cashcash pinoy… I’ve known all these before and I’ve already considered participating in one for our Posh branch. I already had a meeting and exchange of emails… but it didn’t push through.

In short, I’ve long known of these online deal sites and I’ve been meaning to make a transaction but couldn’t really get myself into buying an impulse purchase (oh, the life of a mommy ;p). So with my very first purchase, I just had to celebrate and make a blog entry. Ha! 🙂

So yes, I purchased my very first online deal at Cash Cash Pinoy… just a few minutes ago!
Now I am addicted! I am off to purchase more… 🙂

Sunset buffet by Cash Cash Pinoy

Cash Cash Pinoy has very convenient payment schemes –you can pay via credit card (which is the usual form), pay at leading banks (choose from over the counter or online transaction), and get this, you can pay at 7-11 stores. Isn’t that great? I love how convenient this is. I am not that comfortable using my credit card in online purchases like this, so an over-the-counter option is such a great thing!

Be a member now, its worth the discounts 🙂 Referrals also get Php 100 points. Yay that’s so generous of them. Be a memberhere


I purchased from CashCashPinoy, August 11. A few days after, I am clicking “buy now!” again. This time a deal for Sachi and another meal at Deal Grocer 🙂