Sachi’s at the age perfect for interactions as she is starting to explore the world around her. I make it a point that in any children’s party that we are invited to, we try to attend. I want her to experience the joy of children’s parties.

At the very pretty Aquisha’s 3rd birthday party, I was happy to see that Sachi interacts well with other people. A little shy, but loosens up after awhile.

She starts to SMILE now when you ask her to

She joined games, as if she can understand the mechanics 🙂

She’s such a big girl na! Doesn’t look like a 2-year old

She eats on her own, like a messy adult

Chicken is one of her favorites

And chocolatessssss!

Marshmallow too!

During opening of gifts, she was so into it. Playing with her Ates (bigger sisters).

Happy Happy Birthday Pretty Aquisha!! You’re going to be the next big child star with your looks and charm 🙂

We’re excited to attend more parties! Baby Red, you’re next! 🙂