Hubby and I love to eat out. We are always on the look out for new places to try that is not a pain in the pocket. Its a joy to discover new restaurants that is “sulit“. If a food is expensive, and the food is good… that’s the way its supposed to be. Of course, with the price you pay, you expect nothing less. So with sulit food places, we feel like its worth our random trip 🙂

Whenever I get stressed with financial matters, Ironically, we end up out on the street… looking for something to eat. Thus, we end up spending. Labo noh?

So anyway, one stressful night, we traveled all the way to Quezon City. We heard there are several dining places in this strip at Teachers Village. With the drizziling weather, we passed by the long stretch at least 4 times back and forth and ended up at THE BURGER PROJECT.

I am not a burger fan, but I was hungry. It was worth a try.

To cut the story short, we made the perfect choice!

4 Things we didn’t expect


1) We had to create our own burger using an actual FORM – A new twist to all the burger chains out there

2) The burger was generously filled with our chosen toppings

2) The patty is matabang as it is, but if you eat it the way it should be — a huge bite with the sandwich and toppings, it tastes really good! The bun looks like a home made sandwich

3) The Strawberry Milkshake alone is worth coming back for

4) It was a huge burger

Both hubby & I were glad we made the right choice. We will surely come back for another meat-y fix!


We had an order of Mozarella too, sadly I didn’t really like it. Matabang din. Even the sauce is. Next time we’ll try their french fries and onion rings 🙂