I’m bothered by my cellphone’s blank screen during outgoing calls. For some reason, it goes blank (blue screen), instead of sticking to the theme, showing who I am calling. It works fine, I can receive and make calls, but it just bothers me because it shouldn’t be that way.

Thanks to google, I ended up on this page: Blackberry Support

It says to turn off the mobile, a hard shut down that is. You see, with Blackberry, when you simply turn it off, its just a “soft” shut down. You’ll know its a hard shutdown when you turn it on, it will take forever. Like a computer re-booting. I’ve been turing it on and off, but it didn’t work. Removing the battery while turned on solved the problem.

That trick did it!Β I wanted to do an entry so anyone googling on a Blackberry blank screen can try this out first πŸ˜€Β So happy! πŸ™‚

Happy August everyone!