Long Relaxing Weekend

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Its not every month you get to have a 4-day weekend. And if you have a business of your own, you don’t really get to feel holiday breaks. Good thing I am back to being employed, I felt the holiday!! Haha 🙂

Sunday, my brother D and I had a Thai body massage.
When I got home, to my surprise, baliktad ang pagsuto ko ng dress ko!!! Embarrasing!!

Apparently, I wasn’t that embarrassed because the next day, I went back for another massage.
This time with hubby. We had a foot massage.

On the last day of the 4-day weekend, I just had to have another massage. Addict much!
I discovered my nail tech, Jean, is good with the foot! Lagot sya sakin ngayon, she’s gona be my favorite foot masseuse. Hehe 🙂

Posh Nails SM Marikina

Side tripping to the nails — I took the chance to try on the nail foils I bought way way back. Katy Perry-slash-Lady-Gaga-slash-Kim-Kardashian lang ang peg  🙂

Posh Nails SM Marikina

**Its not available at Posh, I’m trying it on and see if its worth to offer 🙂

I hope you had a relaxing long weekend. And I hope its not the last this year!!



Dear Max’s,

What happened to the size of your chicken?

A chicken lover

King Bee

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Hubby loves chinese food. For some reason, when we are hungry we end up forgetting this closest chinese resto and we end up eating at some other place.

Fortunately, in one of our hungry moments, we finally remembered King Bee, the Chinese restaurant outside our village.

We ordered siomai with quail egg — its looove. I remember my high school days in Miriam where the famous fried siomai is cooked with quail egg. I still want to go back for that.

Plus this turon looking appetizer but with veggies? — not really sure, it was on hubby’s side of the table.


Since it was merienda, I ordered birthday pansit, and for him, chopseuy rice. Much to our surprise, the smallest order of birthday pansit came in a huge serving, it must have been good for 4 pax. Nothing spectacular on both dishes. But for sure, we’d come back to try other dimsum and their version of other famous chinese dishes like beef with broccoli, lemon chicken, etc.

Sachi at 2 years, (4 months) 7 months

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1) She’s a sweet heart — she says “I love you” all the time… with “beary much” pa! When she’s done something wrong, she’d often times have a hard-headed front. But after awhile, she’ll say “Solly Mommy.” If I don’t give in to her sorry, she’ll keep saying it with the sweetest paglalambing “cge na mommy, solly”

2) A copycat – One time, I asked “whats that sound?” when I heard the frogs croaking. Now everytime she hears a new sound, she keeps on saying “wassasound, mommy, wassasound?”

She mimicks what I say. I always tell her this when she wants to borrow my laptop and I’m working:  “Wait only, I am doing something” or “Mommy is working, you wait.”

One time, when she finally had my laptop, I asked what she was doing. To my surprise she said “em (I’m) doing something, I’m wolking (working)” sabay type kunwari. LOL

Same with what I do. When I scold her, I always say “That’s not nice, don’t say that okay?” There was one instance when my mom was making cat sounds “meow” in an attempt to scare her and force her to sleep. They were both lying already. What she did was, stood from the bed, walked to my mom and said “mama, don’t say that okay? …okay?” with a thumbs up sign for the “okay”. Hai, di mo kaya mainis eh. Its just plain cute.

3) Pasalubongs & lollipops are her antidote – since I haven’t posted this and she’s already on her 2 years 7th month as of editing — update on this is that she wouldn’t take lollipops nor junk food anymore. Very good for her and her teeth. She still loves pasalubongs, but she hesitates if its candies/lollipop or junk food. Mommy says no. Yay, good job here.

4) She’s such a happy kid, always smiling, jumping and happy – Every morning, she would come up to me “Hi Mommy good morning” with a very happy face.

5) When she cries, she does it to the fullest. With the salampak (lying) on the floor, wagging feet body, and wailing like crazy. She does this when a) she poops and she doesn’t want to wash b) she doesn’t want to leave the shower **Update: at 2.7, she doesn’t cry that way anymore. Mapilit pa rin but she no longer does the lupasay on the floor.

6) She’s very mapilit, you have to be creative to lull her to another topic to keep her mind off what she wants.

7) She loves to watch Barney and Elmo at YouTube on my notebook **Update: at 2.7 her favorite is Strawberry Shortcake.

8) She does this thing with her eyes — angry look but at the end will smile

9) She loves french fries!! She can finish McDonalds large fries plus orange juice. That is her staple order

10) She can say a lot of things already, two to three words, sometimes even a complete sentence. She just talks fast (like me!), “wassasound” means “whats that sound”

11) When you ask her not to do things, this is what she’ll do and say: “No ganyan oh, no ganyan mommy” with the act of doing the bawal. Like for example I said “be careful with the stick you might poke your eye.” She’ll say “no ganyan oh (then pokes her eye), no ganyan”

All the time yun.

Like “no putting powder on the floor”. Then she’ll say she understood it by “yes. no ganyan oh, (sits down and does exactly what i told her no to!) no ganyan.”

She’s telling me visually what not to do, but in the process she’s doing it. Nyeee.

I thank the Lord for a very healthy, happy, active and smart baby. I used to say naiinip ako ang tagal magsalita, now, at 2.7 months, she is so talkative! She wants all my attention.



Wow! Philippines

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Its a little thing, but it makes the street look high tech. In a way.
Countdown traffic light. I like!

Should I even say this was taken in Manila? Such a giveaway
“90.7 Love Radio, Kaialangan pa bang i-memorize yan?” LOL

Motor Bike

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No, not for me but for the little girl. I only wanted to buy Barbie Accessories. I wanted to introduce her to Barbie accessories so that her toys would revolve only around it. We have so many unnecessary toys, the kind you throw away, so to speak. So with thoughts of Barbie & her accessories, we made a trip at Toys ‘R Us.

The Barbie’s didn’t catch her attention. Rather, she roamed around the aisles and found these musical toys:

She got this guitar and a little drum (not on pic)

Just when we were paying, mother saw a remote car which was on sale but looks so chaca. I then led her and Sachi to the area of nicer cars and bikes.

The little girl fell in love with this

Complete with knee pads, elbow pads and helmet. From chaca to chica! She looks like a sporty chic!

This little girls is adventurous. She wants to drive, not afraid of motorcycles… the opposite of me 😀

Oh the toys of this generation. Makes me want to be a kid again 🙂

Reality Bites

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Let’s just say, I didn’t think I’d be in this position a year and so after. Maybe I should have listened to the gut feel… I thought investing that much amount and paying for that amount wouldn’t bring me in this situation.

Good thing I am enjoying a new blessing, and new opportunities I’d love to come true are in line (*crossing fingers*). I am still blessed. We all are.

Such a big lesson learned.

Reality really bites

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