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I love  scrapbooking. I don’t have the luxury to do it these days so when I stumbled upon this scrapbooking templates. I fell in love =)

Check out for more templates. It brings life, color and artistic touch to our beloved photos. Plus, their widgets and countdown tinkers are cute!

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I have to stop myself or I’ll get addicted in using all the cute templates and end up doing nothing but this.

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First Visit to the Dentist

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My little girl had an accident — she slipped and voila! blood on her lips, gums, teeth…

Two of her upper teeth were full of blood coming out of the gums, plus both upper and lower lips had cuts. (For recording purposes, I just had to describe. haha!)

She doesn’t want ice or anything near her mouth. She cried uncontrollably for about 30 minutes and then was happy again.

I was so worried that this may affect the growth of her permanent teeth. So the next day, we visited the dentist. I thought its going to be a battle. You see, this little kid doesn’t want to be told what to do. When you ask her to open her mouth, she won’t. The more you prod her, the more she refuse to do it.

Sachi's First Dental Appointment

Fortunately, it was a successful Dental visit. She opened her mouth when asked to… we even had her teeth x-rayed without a problem. whew! 🙂


The doctor said there’s no immediate action needed. And the fact that she can eat, drink milk and still be happy, that is a good sign. If there was something wrong, she’d be irritable and in pain. What bothers the dentist is her cavities. Uh oh. Most of her teeth are already affected. Uh oh. She said they will need to be filled up soon. Oh my gosh, pasta and even root canal for a toddler? Yikes!

I’m lenient when it comes to brushing. I let her brush her teeth by herself because she refuses to hand us her toothbrush or open her mouth when we do it. But hearing those words, even if it becomes a battle ground, an adult has to brush this toddler’s teeth.

I wish I took care of her teeth more.  She used to have nice teeth — she even gets complement. Then I guess lollipop, candies and chocolates happened…

The Latest Fashion Accessory

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Look what I got in the mail…

Forever-21-ShoppingA pre-approved Forever 21 Credit Card

I received it on the day before the mid-year sale. I had to practice the best of self-control.

I have meaning to blog about these kind of credit cards– Mango has it, Forever 21 has it. Is Zara next?

What do you get with such credit cards?

It is actually just regular credit card wherein you can purchase anything, anywhere. The first impression is usually an exclusive use with the merchant- Forever 21 in this case. But technically, you can use it in any shop. There are just special perks specifically for  the merchant that  the bank has tied up with.

The Forever 21 credit card was just launched last May 12, 2011 at the SMX Convention.

A collaboration between SM, BDO and MasterCard, this new credit card aims to make shopping more easy and enjoyable with these exciting features and benefits:
  • Earn rewards points when you use your card anywhere and use your points to redeem Forever 21 items from the store
    • Php200.00 = 1 point for all purchases made anywhere
    • Php200.00 = 3 points for all purchases made in Forever 21 branches
  • Avail of Zero Percent (0%) installment at 3 and 6 months at any Forever 21 branch (nationwide) and all other BDO merchant stores
  • Priority access to sale events and upcoming season offers
  • Get special occasion discounts and freebies
  • Receive invitations to exclusive Forever 21 gatherings – shopping parties, store events, etc.
  • Worldwide acceptance

Source: BDO website

The Mango Card on the other hand, has similar benefits, but obviously in partnership with Mango.

The Mango-RCBC Bankard MasterCard is the product of the partnership between RCBC Bankard and Mango clothing company. It is targeted to serve the shopping needs of both the vast majority of Mango patrons in the country and the fashion-conscious RCBC Bankard Gold and Platinum MasterCard cardholders.

The Mango-RCBC Bankard MasterCard carries exclusive features available only to its cardmembers such as:

  • 0% installment at 3 and 6 months at any Mango store
  • Exclusive Members-Only Sale available only to Mango-RCBC Bankard cardmembers
  • Priority access to next season’s catalog offers
  • First-hand advice on the latest hot offers

A MasterCard, the Mango-RCBC Bankard guarantees global recognition and wide acceptance in over 210 countries.

Source: RCBC website

ZERO % installment for 3 to 6 months on clothes? Wow! For the love of fashion, will I ever do such a thing? Dear Lord, kindly shower me with lots of self control.

The fashion accessories in today’s world comes with a price. A huge one if you lose control 🙂

A Blessing

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Last year, we put up our franchise of Posh Nails, now we ventured into another business, something that we created our own. Much like Sachi Prints, our first take on business, this new venture is entirely US. — Ar-J’s Manokan. Pangalan na pangalan pa lang, so US. LOL

July 3 — My hubby’s birthday, we had our store’s blessing. A blessed day 🙂


His favorite Mocha cake 🙂

Blessing_ArJ's_ManokanBless this store — and bless this little girl, O Lord 🙂

Birthday_Boy_PrayoverBless the birthday boy — give him (us) patience, more love, strength and the wisdom to make this venture work.

My lovely Sachi 🙂

BarkadaZ1With Bern, Third and Kim

32nd_BdayHappy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy Birthday Hunny!!!

Ar-J's ManokanKuku, Marco & JM

Happy Beerday Sir JM!

Friends from QC

The Wives (and Girlfriends) Club

Good Times

Happy Birthday my Love!

Good luck and more blessings on our new venture! 🙂

Disney in Manila

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There’s another kid activity to look forward to this October in Manila.

Disney Live! is performing on stage at the Araneta Coliseum on October 5-9. We want! 🙂

Disney in Manila 2011

I sure hope its one magical evening. If you check disneylive website, it sure looks like its going to be lots of fun!

Araneta  Coliseum Seat Plan

Photo grabbed from TotteringMom

Ticket prices are as follows:

VIP (101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) 2970
PATRON(104,105,106, 107,112,113,114,115) (Reserved Seating) 2650
LOWER BOX CENTER (200 & 201) (Reserved Seating) 2230
LOWER BOX SIDES (202,203,204,213,214,215) (Reserved Seating) 1910
UPPER BOX A CENTER (300 & 301) (Reserved Seating) 1590
UPPER BOX A SIDE (302,303,304,319,320,321) (Reserved Seating) 1280
UPPER BOX B CENTER (400,401,402) (Reserved Seating) 960
UPPER BOX B SIDES (403,404,405,421,422,423) (Reserved Seating) 640

Source: Ticketnet

I want that red seats on the middle. Sachi will looove it!
Last year, when we watched Barney, her eyes were glowing. To think the show wasn’t really that good. With the looks of below photos, it sure looks like this will be a blast

Shows will be on October 5 & 6 at 7pm
October 7 at 3pm & 7pm
October 8 -at 11am, 3pm & 7pm
October 9 at 11am & 3pm

Check out Vivre Fort Entertaiment and Ticketnet for complete show details


As soon as I published this entry, I talked with my mom and immediately purchased — We got the seats!!  Yay! excited much!! C’mon all mommies, lets all watch and let it be an experience for our little ones 🙂