One of the most exciting task during pregnancy is choosing a name for your baby, second to finding out the gender 😉

I realized that the name we’ll choose will be carried by my daugther forever. Its a relatively easy task but since it is such a significant decision, and a permanent one, made it hard for us to decide. We really took time to read, research and discuss. Its our baby’s name — something she’ll be forever known as.

We wanted something unique. We don’t want to call our daugther, lets say on a family reunion, and 2 people would look over. Ayaw namin ng may kapangalan. We want something unique, yet has a meaning.

Months and gruesome reasearch…

We came across SACHI. It is of Japanese origin, with meanings: “joy”, “happiness”, “blessed”, “child of bliss”. We haven’t heard of the name since then. With the meaning and its uniqueness, we fell in love.

So why, after 2 years am I bringing up the subject.

A cousin named her baby, Sachi.

Really? Seriously? Of all the names… Really? *Roll eyes*

I know, I know. I don’t own the name, I know. But… really? With my introduction, does it somehow justify how I feel? I mean, come on.

If the name is Katrina, Michelle, Angelica, I wont roll my eyes. I wouldn’t even write a bloig entry
— you get what I mean.

Sana pag tumanda tanda na lang… Come on, my baby girl is just 2, practically still a baby! Maybe when she’s a tad older, I won’t mind. Di na sya baby nun eh. We can pass her “throne”

I don’t own the name, yes. Everyone has the liberty to use any names in the world. No rule applies. BUT STILL. Can I help it if I’m feeling this way?

Its a chidlish reaction, maybe. But hey this is me. I know I should be happy, look at the brighter side — it must be a good name. But why would I fool myself If I feel this way?

Does anyone get my point? Or I’m simply being overly possessive?