Have you heard of Bling Duck? Its the new flip flop player in the market that is very promising. I can’t wait for it to be distributed in Asia πŸ™‚

This June, I was hired to be part of the team. So yes, I am back to working. Although I work from home (it sure gives me the flexibility to work on my convenient hours), it still has its disadvantages. I end up sleeping at 3am with just 1 single entry on the line. You see, it takes me hours and hours to come up with a paragraph. I am meticulous and organized. I shift and switch and think and end up with just 3 sentences. lol. What’s work without challenge?

Posh, AR-J’s, and now this. Wonder woman, here I come!

Have I mentioned I have a 2-year old who tugs away my laptop every time she sees me working? Because she wants to watch at Youtube. Come on.