Kiddie Spa Party


Today, we had our first spa party at Posh. I am so tired I don’t know why. Tumatanda na yata.  You see, hosting a party is not a common thing for mall outlets. But hey, why not if all the things you need can be bought from the mall? Its convenient that way. So c’mon, get your party started!! 😉 I love parties! And a Spa party is the best way to party in style 😉

So anyway, I was cooing all the time because of these cute little girls.

Aged 4-5… they were enjoying the SPA PARTY.

Spa PartyThe girls with their “cocktail drinks”

Spa-Party-Posh-NailsHow pretty these kids are! (The celebrant in polka dots)

Customized-Spa-Party-MenuZya’s 5th Birthday Bash c/o Posh Nails SM Marikina

Spa-Party-Posh-HandsTiny little nails turned into a fabulous princess hand!

SpartyWe had fun during the party. For a change, our outlet was alive — food, balloons, chit chatting here and there, loud music… not the usual serene and quiet spa ambiance.

Want a spa party like this? (shameless plugging lang talaga :p)
Check out Posh Nails SM Marikina blog site or FB page

Cheers to more spa parties! fun fun fun!

Dear Mama

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Dear Mama,

Happy happy birthday!!! No words can say how grateful we are for having you as our mother. Thank you for all the love and support. Really. You blab too much, you talk like there’s no tomorrow and you get mad like we are not your kids. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter. Beneath that strong facade is a sensitive loving mother who thinks of the littlest thing for her children. Thank you Mama.

My wish for you is that you may enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy the fruit of your hard labor. You deserve it. Everyone knows you deserve magpakasarap sa buhay sa lahat ng pinagdaanan nyo. But I know you won’t, because you are too practical. And you think of us, our future.

I wish for so many things for you, Ma. I wish that we already have a house of our own, so you can visit us like what traditional grandparents do. And you’ll be proud. I wish you won’t think of us too often that your mind blows every now and then — what we’ll eat, what we do, how are businesses are doing, how we live our life. I wish you won’t worry too much. I wish you can talk to your friends on the achievement of your kids, like a proud mother. I wish you’ll have peace of mind.

This can only happen if we make it through. We’ll make it happen. We’re going to make you proud. And you’re going to have peace of mind 🙂



Whats in a name?


One of the most exciting task during pregnancy is choosing a name for your baby, second to finding out the gender 😉

I realized that the name we’ll choose will be carried by my daugther forever. Its a relatively easy task but since it is such a significant decision, and a permanent one, made it hard for us to decide. We really took time to read, research and discuss. Its our baby’s name — something she’ll be forever known as.

We wanted something unique. We don’t want to call our daugther, lets say on a family reunion, and 2 people would look over. Ayaw namin ng may kapangalan. We want something unique, yet has a meaning.

Months and gruesome reasearch…

We came across SACHI. It is of Japanese origin, with meanings: “joy”, “happiness”, “blessed”, “child of bliss”. We haven’t heard of the name since then. With the meaning and its uniqueness, we fell in love.

So why, after 2 years am I bringing up the subject.

A cousin named her baby, Sachi.

Really? Seriously? Of all the names… Really? *Roll eyes*

I know, I know. I don’t own the name, I know. But… really? With my introduction, does it somehow justify how I feel? I mean, come on.

If the name is Katrina, Michelle, Angelica, I wont roll my eyes. I wouldn’t even write a bloig entry
— you get what I mean.

Sana pag tumanda tanda na lang… Come on, my baby girl is just 2, practically still a baby! Maybe when she’s a tad older, I won’t mind. Di na sya baby nun eh. We can pass her “throne”

I don’t own the name, yes. Everyone has the liberty to use any names in the world. No rule applies. BUT STILL. Can I help it if I’m feeling this way?

Its a chidlish reaction, maybe. But hey this is me. I know I should be happy, look at the brighter side — it must be a good name. But why would I fool myself If I feel this way?

Does anyone get my point? Or I’m simply being overly possessive?


Back to Work

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Have you heard of Bling Duck? Its the new flip flop player in the market that is very promising. I can’t wait for it to be distributed in Asia 🙂

This June, I was hired to be part of the team. So yes, I am back to working. Although I work from home (it sure gives me the flexibility to work on my convenient hours), it still has its disadvantages. I end up sleeping at 3am with just 1 single entry on the line. You see, it takes me hours and hours to come up with a paragraph. I am meticulous and organized. I shift and switch and think and end up with just 3 sentences. lol. What’s work without challenge?

Posh, AR-J’s, and now this. Wonder woman, here I come!

Have I mentioned I have a 2-year old who tugs away my laptop every time she sees me working? Because she wants to watch at Youtube. Come on.

Me and You. Just us TWO

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We turn TWO today, June 12, 2011

Has it only been 2 years? It feels forever. We feel like we’ve been together for a very long time. With 3 businesses that we set up from scratch (except for Posh concept), we sure had lots of challenging moments, especially when stress levels are up. Oh believe me, there are a lot of instances when our stress levels are above tolerable. We argue, we fight, but we still end up in each other’s arms.

Thanks hun for 2 wonderful years. We’ve accomplished a lot the past years, but we still got so much plans. We haven’t scratched the surface yet.

With Your guidance, we will build our own.

Thank you Lord for these blessed years. Bless us us with countless of happy years together.

Love Love Love! **HUGTIGHT*

Bloggers United @ Malayan Plaza

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A few days ago, I attended a bloggers event in support of Posh Nails. I read it was going to be bazaar-like. I had a vast open space in mind for the set-up, but found the actual to be different. It was, somehow full of turns, not the ideal bazaar set-up. But nevertheless, I snagged some cute finds and freebies 🙂

 In full support

Me, Cat, Ms. Marivic and Ms. Kelly of Greenhills branch

with Posh Queen, Cat

I wanted these shoes! The black and ivory… but when I tried it, I know I won’t last long standing up. I couldn’t take that kind of heels

Well, it sure ain’t a problem for most attendees of the event

Does shoes define being a fashion blogger? It seems like it 🙂

I showed my pearly whites and got Close Up toothpaste freebie that’s enough to last us for months!! plus I’m in love with the red velvet cupcakes from Sonya’s 🙂


First Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2

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We finally had the chance to watch a movie with our little girl. I hear raves about Kung Fu Panda 2, and when I asked her if she wants to watch the movie, she said yes.

Sachi’s first movie: KUNG FU PANDA 2

For the first 10mins of the movie, she was intently watching. The rest of the movie, she made the theater a play ground. We had to transfer at the back seat because she kept on walking the aisle and the stairs. Not to mentionally occasionally shouting “go down mommy!” and “tunfu panda!! yehey”

Still happy to say that we finished the movie. Thats a success if you have a hyper little girl.

Next time, we’re going to watch a cutesy movie, not an action-packed one. She wanted just the baby Panda scenes. Ha!


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