Attending the fashion bloggers event made me realize one thing: I’m gona stick to my style. Dress up my style. Not anybody’s.

I saw a lot of young bloggers in the event today, Bloggers United, at the Malayan Plaza in Ortigas. They dress up so hip and fashionable, with sky high heels and straight-from-the-runway-slash-chictopia look. Don’t get me wrong, I love em! I love how they can carry the clothes with passion. I’m all praise with their confidence.

But just a realization: Its easy to buy clothes similar to this, and shoes like that. But if its not your style and you can’t carry them with passion, don’t waste your time. You are better off with your OWN STYLE.

You know its yours when you are comfortable with it πŸ™‚

I tried on this super nice shoes from shoe etiquette.Β At the price they were giving, its a steal!Β Β I just didn’t buy it be-cause I couldn’t bring myself to walk in sky high anymore. Not that I wore these kind when I was single, but back then, I had the social events and the strength to wear it. Now is not the right time. But if anyone is up for shoe grabs, check this one out!

My finds from the fashionistas here