Every now and then, when I surf fashion blogs, I see a lot of fashion challenges. As part of my (un)official entrance to the fashion scene (F is for FnaF! haha), and to at least check one of my 2011 resolution, I am going into a fashion challenge of my own. Here are 2 fashion challenges that I plan to start with:

1. COLOR BLOCKING: Go a week without going neutrals idea here

2. The 15:30 challenge

Enter the Felicia Sullivan 15:30 challenge. Felicia (author, fashionista, and all-around lovely person) recently blogged about this very topic: how we have closets FULL of clothesthat we don’t fully appreciate or utilize. So she devised a challenge: pick 15 pieces from your wardrobe and wear them for a month. Mix and match, accessorize — be creative and make the MOST of those pieces. Idea from here

Have you tried any fashion challenge? How did it go? I’ll keep you posted. I even made a new category on this blog — “wardrobe/fashion”. Lets do this!

Upon looking at my wardrobe, I’m gona have a hard time with no neutrals. Majority of my clothes are black, white and earth tones. Maybe I’d have to pass this for now. Until I collect some more 🙂