My first attempt in documenting my wardrobe was during pregnancy. I find it a challenge to dress up with a baby bump, thus preggy wardrobe was born.

Now, I find it more of a challenge because I am not comfortable with my body. I so hate the un-proportion-ness! But I guess that adds to the challenge. And without a conscious effort on my part, this problem is going to take long.

You see, I am tall (by Philippine standards), I am not well-endowed , more of not endowed altogether in that area , I never lost my post pregnancy belly, if not alcohol-slash-genetic belly, and I’ve got the post pregnancy hips.

So yes, looking at my wardrobe with no fashion challenge is already a challenge in itself. If I do this, its gona be a personal achievement for me.

Day 1: No Neutral

I know, I know, white is neutral. But hey! Did you know, that that mini has never been worn? or maybe once but I don’t remember. Its been sitting in my closet for years, counting 6 years maybe… and its all because of the color. So lets take it slow… wearing it on an actual day out is a biggie for my style.

Paired my mustard mini with a sharp colored teal shrug

Capped it off with bronze slip on heels, stone-flowered necklace
and a bejeweled ring

Skirt: Terranova
Shrug: DKNY (Thanks sissy!)
Tee: Maldita
Ring: Bazaar
Necklace: bought from mom’s friend back in 2004