Wearing high heels, boots, stilletos — are all but a fantasy for me. At least recently, because ever since I got pregnant my feet were never the same. Other than the fact that my shoe size got bigger, I no longer had fun wearing heels. I am all into flats.

But deep inside, I am a fashionista at heart. I want to wear heels, boots, trench coats, trendy jackets, hats — those things that instantly make a statement. I want to, I just don’t end up doing so. Kaya “at heart” lang 🙂 With my lifestyle and this kind of weather, I am more often than not always in a dress down day.

So when we had our little trip to Japan, it was an opportunity to wear something I don’t wear everyday back home — boots, minis on leggings, trench coats… Oh I love to be in another country! Is it the same with you? Can you wear clothes in other country that you don’t have the guts to wear back home?

Here’s one of my favorite shots

Most pics are still with my sister so I’m not sure if there’s more pics to follow…

Hopefully! 🙂