Do you love chickens? I do, I do!

Its my favorite ulam! (plus chopped green mango with bagoong then kamatis & sibuyas? ohh I’m drooling!!)

In one of our visits to Nueva before Holy Week, we chanced upon the poultry’s  “harvest period” —

 Loading chickens

In the words of my daughter: “Many many chicken”

Super hangin! (and the smell 😦 sorry, I really have sensitive sense of smell — di ko matagalan gosh)

Defense instinct?
Camouflage lang ang chicken sa T-shirt ni J

But no, this chicken is really like that! Kakaiba

Apparently, J enjoyed staying inside the poultry chasing the chickens. Sachi wanted to stay too. As for me though, I’d rather wait for you in the dining table.