I am no big fan of the Royal wedding. Yeah. Sorry. Maybe I just have too much on my head that I really wasn’t that interested with the wedding. So why this post you may ask?

First off, its the wedding of a Royal, its a milestone event. It was during my generation these Royals wed, I must post an entry somehow.

Second, (and more importantly) I remember I had a crush on Prince William way back in grade school. As in I day dream of meeting him and that he’d fall in love with me. I would imagine creative ways of meeting him. LOL

Hmmm.. now that I think of it, I was madly in love with him back then! Hahaha! Then I don’t know what happened.

Back to the wedding, when I finally tuned in to the TV minutes before Prince William and Kate arrived at the Abbey, I suddenly wanted to see the wedding. I got curious. Saw all the hats! It was such a hat haven event. But I had to leave.

So yes, I wasn’t able to watch it live but I was able to catch replays…

Okay, so whats the point of this entry again?

The main point o f this blog is actually to share my favorite part of the wedding. Yun talaga un, kung saan saan lang napunta my introduction haha

—- When Prince William told Kate “You look beautiful” when he saw her.

Awwwwwww. That was sweet!!

Not that I’m jealous, my own prince tells me that all the time. See, I’m a princess (more of a)  queen too! 😉

No, but really, isn’t that sweet? They look so in love.

What’s your favorite part of the wedding?