I found a new love for massage, its surname is Thai.

Can be Thewi, or can be Nuat

At Thewi Thai, Banawe

One of the best way to battle stress is to relax. As we face business challenges, I sure am super stressed! Its imperative for me to have a massage when stressed– or I’d probably lose my mind. Its an hour off from thinking — healthy for the mind. With budget friendly body massages like these, it sure brings me back to life.

I’ve had several massages before, the usual “hagod” style. I’m not really a fan of deep pressure so it was a good thing I tried Thewi & Nuat because I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

What makes thai massage different?

First off, there are no strokes. Pure deep pressure. The masseuse would use her whole body — hands, arms, (elbow?), legs, feet – to stretch and put pressure on your body.

It was totally refreshing. Its not the kind where you get to sleep during the massage (at least for me). Because sometimes, I feel pain especially when muscles are pressed and stretched too much. I even almost laughed on my first experience because the masseuse was stretching me like I’m about to do an eggroll. *A little background on me — I am not AT ALL flexible. So I find it painful and funny at times. But despite those embarrassing moments, I still enjoyed it.

My body got the rigth dose of stretching and pressing it needed. I hear myself saying “ahh sarap” most of the time. Addict much, I want another session again. Oh, please. Is next day too soon?

At Nuat Thai, Libis

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