It sure is hot outside already!! Summer, I can totally feel you! Now that I think of it, maybe that’s the reason why I crave for frozen yogurt everyday. Addict much, I do crave it every single day. Teehee!

Apart from frozen yogurt, there’s also the fried ice cream that I love to munch the past few days. 2 of my favorite cold treats this summer. Easy on the pocket but totally worth it.

Fried Ice Cream – My first taste of fried ice cream is Frito Frio. I enjoyed it too much that I frequent Sta. Lucia just to get a fix of it. Sadly, it closed down. That was maybe a year ago.

To my delight, when Pizzarina left its spot at the 3rd floor of SM Marikina just recently, a fried ice cream replaced it — Miguelito’s! Hubby & I got excited. Weee! It’s just in front of Posh Nails, so its extra convenient to get our fix. There’s no better season to have it, but now when its scorching hot out on the street!

Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream is only Php25. For quarter of a hundred, you get to have ice cream, your chosen syrup and decent toppings. If I remember it right, Frito Frio is a little more expensive but it had our favorite Pistachio flavor. Unconsciously, when I try new stuff, I search how much to franchise or start-up a business like it. For Frito Frio, the lady at the Sta. Lucia branch told us total investment is at Php500,000. With Miguelito’s, all in at Php300,000 based here. Just sharing 🙂

Frozen Yogurt – Who wouldn’t know fro-yo’s by now? I, originally, wasn’t a fan. I find it expensive. And I can’t make it as an ice cream substitute because they taste so different! But when I stumbled upon Berry Yummy at Bluewave, Marquinton, I had  a total change of mind.  iloveeeet! You get to chose your toppings as it is DIY. My all time favorite is plain yogurt with almonds and choco drops. Yummy! Best of all, its cheaper than the other fro-yo’s — at 16/oz. For about Php80, I get 2 toppings with a cupful of ice cream.

Isn’t it such a delight when you find alternatives that taste the same (or even better) but easier on the pocket? it makes the whole experience a delight 🙂

What’s your favorite summer treat this year?


And oh, we also inquired about the franchise package of Berry Yummy– di namin kinaya. Total investment is about Php 2M. Same with the famous White Hat. Ack! But if anyone out there has the budget for it.. gooo goodluck! I’ll be a fan 🙂