Today is Sachi’s first day in “real” school. Its her first day to go inside the classroom alone, without yaya or mommy. I am nostalgic. Iba pala ang pakiramdam.

So how was her first day? Its pretty good — first part is okay — except for some crying and being bitten. Yes, she was bitten by a classmate ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Let’s go to that later.

According to her teacher, she was behaved and playful the first hour. Then when everyone was crying and she thought she saw me, she cried too. And the bawling lasted until the end of the classroom session. From the narration of the teacher, she got her bag and wanted to go out. She kept saying, “labas Sachi”

She was crying when I saw her.

Since 30mins of their class is allotted for Smart Play, I was able to join and console her.ย Off we went to the play area. She was still crying, until the balls were tossed and she started to play.

When it was time for Mr. Bubbles, I took out my camera because I know the kids will be happy and smiley

and they were… until little dark blue boy (on the right) made his way to my little girl (in pink)

and embraced her and what seem likeย he kissed her

She cried, so ย I turned off my camera.

At this point, I didn’t know she was bitten yet (but with the look of it on the picture, dito pa lang pala pinanggigilan na sya… thats exactly where her bruise is kc)

I consoled her and little blue boy came to her again. Pounding on her head and pulling her hair, sabay the act of biting.

I though Sachi was crying because he pounded and pulled her hair, until the teacher pointed the bruise. Waaah ๐Ÿ˜ฆ nakagat sya.

Then we settled for awhile. Little did we know, we’re in for another hurl. From out of nowhere, little boy came running to us again… going for Sachi. Ayayay! He’s crazy over my little one. Of all the kids, she’s picking Sachi talaga.

I have nothing against the little boy of course, he’s a kid. Pero I’m scared now. Naisip ko tuloy, maybe he already “hurt” her inside the classroom that’s why she started crying doon pa lang. Kc dito sa picture, no one saw the act of biting, parang hug lang. So I wondered why Sachi cried. Ayun pala, nakagat na. Baka same case while they were inside.

Its quite a sad experience for our first day. But we were able to console her immediately. And the teachers were very hands-on and helpful. On our way home, I asked if she wants to go to school again on Friday. She said “opo”. (whew! kala ko ma-trauma na)

So now, I’m going to have this rule not to let mr. gigil near my daughter for the meantime. Wag muna. Baka ma-trauma na pumasok si Sachi pag naulit.



Mr. blue guy gigil is my college classmate’s son! Small world. Buti nlng kaibigan ko ang nanay. Maybe the reason why I didn’t hate him right then and there?

Pero naku, when everyone in the house found out what happened, nagalit sila. Sa bahay daw alagang-alaga, tapos kakagatin lang. Violent reactions. Haha!ย Kids are kids! Just hope my daughter won’t be the recipient of anything like that anymore. Nakakaawa eh.