Being the leader in technology, I was looking forward to a high tech experience in Japan. But due to unexpected and understandable circumstances, we only experienced limited technology. Here are a few and some of my embarrassing face off with technology:

1) Bicycle Parking – It was so cool!  Sister and I were at awe. Para kaming sira. Japan is a biking community. Everyone rides a bike, to the mall, to do grocery, when off to work… Tama lang na may bike parking. But electronic? Kewl!! 🙂

>> Pic to follow <<

2) Electronic “LED” Vendor Machine – There are countless vendo machines in the streets of Japan. And when I say countless, in every turn of the street, there are vendo machines. Literal. Bawal mauhaw sa bansang ito. But what makes this particular vendo cool is that its a big touch screen! O dba, a notch higher than the regular ones.

3) Heated Toilet seats – 2 challenging facts about the toilets in Japan. First is the “squat-type” kind of toilets. Most public toilets are like that. It requires muscle strength and precision. Second, when its not squat-type, the seats can get very cold. Its actually the coldest part of Nanay’s house, the toilet seat. Haha! :p

So when we saw the heated seats on our trip to the Bank, we were grateful. Genius!

>>Pic to follow<<

4) Automated Taxi doors – Our mistake to open the door without telling the driver. Nakakahiya. Automatic pala.

5) Vendo Order & Cashier – Ordering your food with a vendo looking machine is whats in. They don’t like personally taking orders, eh?

>>Pic to follow<<

6) Electronic Doors – I’ve been victimized with electronic doors. Boo! We’re used to automatic opening of doors right? Well, in Japan even small stores and restaurants have electronic doors, no not automatic, just electronic. So the newbie a.k.a me, doesn’t have any idea how to open doors. Eh sympre, hindi naman english ang instruction so di ko mabasa, just press the red thing lang pala. (defensive much :p)

Writing this entry, I feel like taga-bundok na nag-iisip kung ano meron silang kamangha mangha na wala tayo. Hehe 🙂 This entry is nothing without pictures, I know. But then its with sister. And when its with her, it can take forever til I get a hold of it. So bago pa makalimutan, I’m going to post kahit incomplete 🙂