March 18, 2011, a few hours after I landed from Japan, I was at the ICITE auditorium at Eastwood for Tumble Tots Moving Up Ceremony.

I’m so glad I was able to attend! (Our Japan tour was cut short because of the Earthquake) Its a blessing that we were able to rebook our flight just in time for my little girl’s first ever BIG Day.

Our little bunch ♥♥♥


Congratulations for waking up early and for always being eager to go to school on schedule; Congratulations for participating in art activities; Congratulations for being friendly to your classmates; Congratulations for climbing, crawling, balancing, on the play gym. Congratulations for doing your big stretch in time for your stamp; Congratulations for being the weather leader; Congratulations for loving school!

We love you!

I couldn’t imagine not being here.

More pics during the ceremony:

Mommy & Ms. Sachi-taray-look with our black & white bags

With very supportive tita Ayee

Her constant companion, Yayay Lita

Time to dance to the tune of “Can’t Hurry Love”

Our class had the most challenged dancers. Haha! The Playphonics kids had their own world. But they were still cute!

Tumble Tots Pictorial

Little 60’s girl

Thank you Tita Ayee for the “Dowah” grad gift 🙂

Proud family of the “graduates”: Parents, Grandparents, Aunt

(with Villa & Reyes Family at Fazoli’s)


I’m now excited for summer art class! 🙂


Photo credit: Thank you tita A for the pictures, grabbed most of them from FB account. And for taking pics of us 🙂