My dream to go to Japan came true… Sadly, the dream was a nightmare.

An average of 9.0 magnitude shook our world. We were inside the Tokyo Tower, 150m above ground.

About an hour before the earthquake

We were scared. Earthquakes are inescapable. And to be in the location we were in? Oh my gosh, my imagination ran wild. As I prayed out loud with panic-stricken voice, I was expecting the worst. I was just waiting for the steel to rumble, the nuts & bolts to fall apart (just like falling steel towers in movies).

With God’s blessing, nothing like that happened.

This was our view, 150m-250m above ground

In that kind of situation, there really is nothing else to do but hold on to your faith. Wala talagang ibang gagawin but to ask help from Him and plead to spare your life from possible catastrophe.

After what seemed like hours, we were able to walk down from the 150m level observation deck. While on our way down, there was a second quake that really made me panic. It wasn’t over. Nakakapanghina ng loob.

Our plight down the stairs of the Tower

Little did we know that it really isn’t over… and up until this writing, eight (8) days after the massive earthquake, we don’t know when it will all be over.

We walked more than 6 hours from Tokyo Tower to Edogawa

Every day after that earthquake, we felt never ending aftershocks — morning, afternoon, and mostly at night. It didn’t’t feel like an after shock. It felt like a regular earthquake. Aren’t after shocks supposed to be of small significance, or better yet insignificant? These were not.

Once we saw the images on TV, we realized how blessed we were. It wasn’t that bad in Tokyo. There were a lot of blessings still. Sendai is 200+km away. We were far from the Tsunami, but that earthquake alone was trembling enough for us.

The following days after the earthquake, large establishments are closed; 24-hr convenience stores don’t operate at night; shelves on the grocery stores are empty; trains and bus stations are paralyzed; queue for gasoline are streets away

>> pics to follow (still waiting for sister’s soft copy of pics)<<


Add the fact that our television doesn’t have English channels, we don’t understand the news. We were blind. We get news from the US and the Philippines, but never on that soil we were standing.

Frustrating scenes — we don’t understand a word character


I’m grateful that we are back home, safe and sound. But it has changed me. At the back of my mind, I am scared. I fear of what can happen.


Never a day (most especially at night), that we weren’t lulled to sleep by a swaying motion.

It was a scary world to be in.


What if it happens to us? We cannot handle a quake like that. Or maybe we can. I hope. I hope it doesn’t occur to us — earthquake, tsunamis, any other catastrophe. I hope for the best.

Let’s continue to pray. Pray for Japan, for the Philippines, and the world.



Lord, have mercy on your people