How to get a Japan visa?

The internet has it all. But here’s my take…

Before going to an agency, prepare all the requirements. It saves you one trip.


1) Application Form
2) Passport
3) 1 pc Japan Visa Photo
4) Birth Certificate – original from NSO
5)  (if married) Marriage Certificate – original from NSO
6) Detailed itinerary
7) Bank Certificate
8 ) ITR

When all the papers are ready, go to an accredited agency, in our case we went to Friendship Travel Agency, located at the 3rd floor of Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati (across SM Makati)

Pay Php 1,200 processing fee per applicant

Wait for a call, 2-5 days from the day you submitted your papers.

Pick up and book a ticket! 🙂

Easy does it yeah? Such an ease!

Just an advice, if you are making your itinerary, make it as detailed as possible. Mine has map, image and tour details. I feel like that made a difference. (Pinagpuyatan ko talaga making ours, parang college paper haha)

To all those applying for Japan visa, especially now that Cherry Blossom season is drawing… good luck!!!