My blog is slowly becoming a photo blog. I love pictures. They tell stories better than words. So yes, once again, here is an entry full of photos 🙂

Sachi’s 2nd birthday party in our small town in the province…

BARNEY Party!!!

Blue day for the family 🙂

Miggy, Concie, Nanay, Armand, Auntie Tita

Barney cake & cupcakes

With the clowns and magicians

Daniel, Concie, Me, Armand


Concie, Mama, Sachi & JM

My little girl with her cousin (?)


Watching the magician — front row seat

Tita “Ton-chie” bribing Sachi with ice cream

As early as now, I see the OC-ness of Sachi 🙂 She’s fixing the chairs while the guests were lining up for dinner 🙂

Tatay & Nanay at Photo Madness Photo Booth

Photo booth with “Tita Ton-chie”

Yummy Lechons

The proud parents

with Grandfather, Tatay

Face Painting with Concie

Bribery tool: Ice cream

With Nanay

BFFs – cousin Tenten

Magic Act Illusion

Family, friends, relatives — Thank you for coming!

We love you “much” Sachi! Happy happy birthday!

We hope you had a super dee-duper fantastic day!