“The trouble with flowers is that invariably, when I’m ready to photograph them, they are not in season.”

I know how toddler photography can be a challenge. Especially if the subject is my little girl.

Sachi is not kind of kid who “sit & smile”. You have to chase her around the room, create an activity and let her play around AND then capture her emotions.

But class pictures aren’t like that. You have to “sit & smile”.

I knew that this will not work out really well. She isn’t bibo in that way. But we tried. Thus, I’m currently exhausted from all the bribing (I’ll give you pasalubong, we’ll buy stickers, we’ll get balloons, I’ll give you a stamp) and the chasing around.

So with that said, here are a few of the “screened” photos of our first ever class picture 🙂

Playphonics Class

Pose with Belinda, the Tumble Tots doll

Half a smile — when I said “I’ll give you pasalubong, but you have to smile first”

90% of the time, she had that blank expression :p

Oh my little “NR” girl. When we’re at home you laugh and smile like there’s no tomorrow. When you’re around other kids you stare, you seem to be thinking hard, and you have a totally BLANK expression.

We gotta work on that 🙂

Taken March 1, 2011; Sachi at 2 years, 1 month


It was just an hour before the call time that we decided to go and join the pictorial. (We just found out about it yesterday, and we thought we’re sending her off to the province today) — Bottom line: we weren’t so ready!