At 1 year and 11 months, we enrolled Sachi to a Play school.

Big check on our list πŸ™‚

Her program is called, Playphonics. One adult is allowed to accompany the kids in the play room.

Introduction and Singing

With Aquisha & Ate Gladys

Wearing the Yak horn that we made πŸ™‚

Playing with the ‘chute

Kids love Mr. Bubbles

Always eager to get her stamp
Crawl on the plank
Showing off her Zebra Stripes
Her classmate, Andre
Her very colorful octopus artwork
Stamp time — sitting beside teacher
Her favorite part of the class is getting a stamp
Hug Kenzo
Good bye hug to Teacher
We stopped going to school this February because of family activities, we’re waiting for March toΒ enrollΒ her again πŸ™‚