1. Healthy hair — I vow to make my hair healthier this year (and the succeeding…) I used to have great locks, I used to get compliments with my hair. Until I had it relaxed, rebonded, colored… then I failed to regularly treat it… in the end, its all dry and brittle šŸ˜¦

2. “Fix” self — I’m the kind of girl who can go out of the house straight from the shower. No makeup, no hairdo, no anything. I don’t even fan dry my hair. This year, I’d like to put a little make up when I go out, dress up a little every time I step out of the house… In short, make extra effort for myself.

3. Eat more fish and vegetable — I’d really love to try cutting down on meat…

4. Tummy trim — Hai. May it be the gym, or at home. I have to start naaa!

5. Save more — Spend less, save more šŸ™‚