Our Barney Adventure

When I saw the poster of the little big club, live in concert and saw Barney & friends as the star of the production, I just know that we have to watch it.

Sachi loves Barney.

That’s actually an understatement. She loves to watch Barney shows over and over. She likes Barney stuff — from bibs to utensils, glass, to bags, to toothbrush… She gets all excited seeing the character.

So 3 months before the show date, I already purchased tickets, front row seats! Its our first time to watch a live show, and its nonetheless her favorite character. So I was decided to make it a memorable experience for her. I want her to experience Barney in all his glory.


Not sure if she understands that when I say, we’re going to watch Barney live, she knows what I mean. But with her be dimpled smile, it seems like it 🙂

Outside Aliw Theater with her whole barkada

Her barkada — Barney, Baby Bop, BJ…

and of course, mommy & daddy!

Here, we were waiting for the show to start

Actively joining in the fun. She was holding my hands so we can clap at the same time

Sitting with Tito Daniel

Still too small… Need to tip toe to see the stage

Twirl like a Ballerina, Sachi!

There were a lot of characters in the show: Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam, Pingu, and Angelina Ballerina. I’m sure Sachi doesn’t know them but she was watching intently. NR nga lang.

Then when her favorite character came out of the stage…

She had the biggest smile on her face!


Thats why I love Barney. He makes my little girl happy! 🙂

Thank you Mama, we had fun!