The last time I’ve been to Star City was way back in the 90’s. Back then, there was already the “Snow world” where everything was ice. The mere thought is nostalgic.

I’ve been meaning to go back but whenever there are theme park plans, we always end up at Enchanted Kingdom. So last Monday, a holiday, when my niece visited from the province, I suggested we go to Star City, or maybe Boom na Boom. Wherever.

So off we went (Boom na Boom was close, so it was Star City no doubt). I was excited. I didn’t know what to expect. I only have a vague memory of the Snow world and the bato bato open area carnival.

Well, to cut the story short, it was not a very good idea to go there on a holiday. The place was packed, most especially Snow World. The line was super long! Good thing we were able to refund our ticket. Its a short Star City adventure for us.

On the ticket booth, you’ll see a directory (look, they have 2nd floor!)
I don’t remember my last visit, but for sure it wasn’t like this.

Our guests, Tenten & Mommy Frances

Theme Park Rates: Entrance is Php 60, Snow World is Php 120

Our Snow World tickets

(Doctor fish nibbling your feet — just like the Fish Spa at Manila Ocean Park)

When you enter the gates, there’s a long walk to the carnival games. There were bazaars along the walk so I felt like I was in 168. Then a huge covered area full of carnival booths like hoops, darts, toss the boll, toss the coin, etc.

Sachi didn’t want to leave this booth. She likes fishing (for ducks). I find it a little expensive at Php 28 pesos with only 1 chance to pick a duck. Sana man lang 3 chances, o kahit 2. Or maybe a consolation prize? (Haha bitter walang nauwi :p)

Duck fishing — 2 tokens, 1 token at Php14

Then on this game above, you have to catch 5 balls… they have corresponding numbers that should sum up to at least 120 for you to get a prize.

Catch the flying balls — 2 tokens, 1 token at Php14.

Then a toss the ball that Sachi intently played until her ball landed… on an empty spot.

Toss the ball– 1 token

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take home anything. Boohoo 😦 I dream of winning big stuff toys at carnival games. You know, like in the movies :p

After our short side trip to the games, we searched again for Snow World. We passed by this huge ship ride that looks a lot of fun — its their Rio Grande counterpart

After walking pass through the Pirates ride, we were then inside a covered area again. To which at the farthest end was our destination. Loooong que. We decided to head back and end our Star City adventure. That fast :p

It wasn’t as masa as I thought it would be. I mean, the attractions were very decent. I didn’t get to see half of it so I can only speak of what I saw on the first floor. I don’t know if there’s still a next time but for sure I want to go to back to a theme park! Especially now that Sachi is nearing 2, she’ll explore, run around, play and have fun in this kind of environment 🙂