Sachi’s leaving  for the province (i know, again. hmmp)

We spent all afternoon yesterday at Megamall. We didn’t know where else to go… (if anyone knows a place ideal for kids, please let us know. We’ve been to every mall in this side of the city). At exactly 3pm, we passed the last MMDA at Ortigas Center. Whew! I don’t want to get caught coz we’re coding, that’s too much of a hassle.

Sachi loooves these animal rides, at least sitting on them. (if it moves I think that will be a different story)

We ate at World Chicken, their Asian pasta is love, their chicken not so. We were so hungry! I had El Polo Locco on my mind, but completely forgot about it — mental note: should eat there on our next visit. I miss their chicken & salsa.

Then I finally checked out Forever 21, mygosh it was HUGE! I felt like I was in their US store. Even the checkout counter is similar.

I had my Crepe fix as well — I just love the banana, nutella  & vanilla combo. Hubby doesn’t like fruits in food and Sachi didn’t like it as much, so I have this lovely dessert all by myself. Yuuuuum!

With a mall as big as this, and with Sachi running all around or carrying her… super pagod! But its all worth it. We just walked around the mall and she’s as happy and active as ever.

On our way out, I saw the Payless billboard… ohh I forgot to check out that one! Another reason to go back I guess 🙂

Da-da & Sachi

To World Chicken

My cutiepatootee 😀

Just to document — While I was at Watsons, Sachi fell fell flat down — with blood on her lips 😦 Boo