Wednesdays are play dates. Living in the east side of the metro, I couldn’t think of anything near that is more kid friendly than Tiendesitas. I don’t think we have that much option for play areas. But Tiendesitas is perfect for Sachi — dogs plus fun ranch is the perfect combination!

She really loves animals — dogs and cats on top of her list

We went to this dog shop who sells a 3-month old shih tzu. Its Sachi’s first time to see a teeny tiny dog up close. As expected, she wasn’t afraid to hold it. Soo cuute! Too bad I didn’t get to take a pic.

Jacuzzi for dogs — wow! How sosyal can your pets get?

After almost an hour of walking around the pet stalls and Sachi’s numerous “bawaw bawaw”, pointing to every dog she sees, we headed to Fun Ranch… Surprisingly, there wasn’t that much to do on this side of the fence. There’s a big play area to which Sach is still too young for, few kiddie rides and amusement games. I vowed never to go into kiddie rides after what happened during Hannah’s party so we just played the fishing game.

She has this little fishing toy at home, so this wasn’t new to her — only a bigger version of what she’s familiar with

Look how she’s teaching her fishing partner πŸ˜€

She caught a lot! With help from Yayay πŸ™‚

After fishing, we walked some more at SM Supercenter, then we headed back to our favorite Tiende food stall, Three Sisters. They have the yummiest squid, isaw and barbecue.

Sachi starting off with her all time favorite — Tahuuuuu (Taho: Soy Milk)

Then we discovered her love for BBQs

Finger lickin’ good!

It was a happy bawaw day. Now got to think of other places where we can bring her next. Do you know a good place?

**Disclaimer: If you’re not used to eating Isaw, don’t dare. I made a trip to the comfort room several times… and I thought I’m into this kind of food.