I’ve never really played the lotto until now. As of writing, the latest lotto prize is a whooping Php 495,597,376.80!!! Its for the November 17, 2010 draw date. We weren’t able to place our bet…

Lotto line was looong on the night of the draw, Nov 17
(Taken at SM Supercenter Pasig)

And to my delight:

Grand Lotto 6/55
Php 495,597,376.80
Draw Date: 11/17/2010

No winner!!! I still got a chance! Hahahahaha. Mygosh. On the next draw, the pot money will even go higher!

So, with Php500k, what shall I do? Considering I win the lotto, on top of my head, here’s where the money will go:

Php 250M — bank and investments. I have yet to think hard what kind of investment. I could probably put up a commercial building, get the rights of an international brand and bring it to the Philippines, invest in International stock market, put up townhouses and apartments, etc etc.

Php 50M — this money will be allotted to help my country in any way

Php 30M — budget for own house and cars and the its maintenance for the next 10years.

Php 50M — buy McDo or Jollibee outlets. I’ll probably manage 1-3 branches and give the others to siblings.

Php 10M — Start a non-profit organization/charity. Money will be invested separately so its existence will last a lifetime.

Php 2M — Php 1M for Yaya (I promised her that because she takes good care of my little daughter), the rest will be distributed to other household help, staff, etc.

Php 3M — Buy all my friends and cousins a Rolex or a piece of jewelry. Something that won’t depreciate its value in time

Php 10M — alloted for my closest relatives, I’ll distribute half in cash, half in investment/business
Php 10M — for my other relatives (I have a huge family!)

Php 10M — for my parents and my in-laws
Php 10M — for my siblings and siblings-in-law
Php 10M — for charities and institution

Php 10M — retirement, educational, health and life plans for my entire family

Php 10M — for Sachi’s college education. Separate dapat. Malay mo she wants to go to Harvard or Standford. Dapat may naka-allot na. Hehe

Php 5M — for travel around the world

Php 1M — material things for me, hubby and Sachi that I couldn’t buy now (ang sarap mangarap!)

Okay — its just too much, still got extra millions! Mahirap pala maging super yaman. Haha! I can’t think of anything concrete right now. Sudden wealth is challenging. There are 2 things though, if I win, I won’t let anybody know except of course my husband and my parents. Second, I think I won’t get it in lumpsum (well, depending on the prize amount), maybe annual payment if there’s an option. There’s a tendency to get overwhelmed. I mean, hello. Look at me now, I don’t exactly know where to place this huge amount of money and its just hypothetical. What more if I have it on hand!

So now, I’m writing this… so that when I win, I know my plan. It gets difficult when you’ve actually won. Clouded mind. So yes, this is a reminder. (Feeling talaga mananalo LOL)