Its Atty. Bru’s birthday!!!

My best friends and I call each other brus, derived from bruha perhaps? But we are no bruhas in real life. Well, yeah maybe sometimes, during bad hair days.  Teehee

With me on this pic is Dra. Bru and my yummy rootbeer float.

Atty. Bru, our bru-day celebrant with 3 huge sandwiches

We celebrated Attorney’s bru-day at the newly opened Johnny Rockets at Tomas Morato. Since I am no burger fan, I ordered Philly Cheesesteak, my all time favorite sandwich. Sadly though, it wasn’t sinful. No grease, no sumptuousness. It was dry. Not so cheesesteaky. I like mine sinful. For the price we bru paid, we expected honest to goodness sandwiches.

But at least we were entertained several times with the staff’s dancing. For this, di ako pwede magtrabaho dito.

Here we are, brus in black. We didn’t talk about color coded outfits.
We probably were just on same wavelength.
(Good for me — one is a lawyer, the other a doctor. I-kumpara ang wavelength mo sa kanila, why not. hahaha)

When Dra. Bru ditched us (bitter!)

We spent the rest of the day night drinking cocktails

at Lounge, on top of Amici, just below Ratsky’s.

To my surprise, it was owned by

“Doc Hayden Kho”

The margarita and the sisig was good. We were just off the scene because we weren’t ready for the party goers, wearing heels and all. Plus the loud music. It was like embassy all over — but smaller version.

We wanted a real lounge… where we can drink cocktails and talk.

Well, despite the blaring music, we were still able to talk, nothing can stop friends from talking about anything or just about everything under the sun… but I was paos when we went out. LOL

3 happy faces. 3 happy brus.

Happy Birthday Bru! You already have what it takes… Our only wish is that you finally find what you’ve been looking for *wink wink* Love you!