Our trick or treat this year ended with these goodies on the floor of our living room.

I’ve been waiting for this day! Last year’s trick or treat, we still carry our little girl around. Now, she can walk! Ang bilis ng panahon. I couldn’t help but say that all the time. These kids are growing up so fast.

We attended this year’s trick or treat at Powerplant Mall with RA, Bopeep & Trey. Little Trey came as a pirate while my little girl came as…

Little Red Riding Hood!

On our way to Rockwell tent, Trey & Sachi were walking hand in hand. Cuuuute! 🙂

The daddies were just as excited!

The theme for  this year’s trick or treat is Movie Mania. We got Sachi her costume ahead of time, so we really don’t fit on the movie theme… we’re a story book character. But nevertheless, it really isn’t a requirement. Kids in costume are just plain cute! 🙂

In line for the registration. Tickets were priced at Php500 for kid and 1 adult. Additional adult is Php150. Ticket aka “passport” holders get a tote bag, with some goodies on it.

Our witches’ hat

As expected, the tent was packed. There were free booths of mini cupcakes, popcorn, face painting, soda, Lego booth and game stations — but the queue was just so long. On stage,we were able to catch the balloon twisting and the Mad Scientist show.

Our kids were too young to understand whats going on so we decided to leave the tent…

Outside, there were dogs — lots of poodles. That’s my little girl so curious with the pooches. She loves animals!

Mommy Witch and Little Red Riding Hood

Pirate Trey — look at those tiny Havaianas. They’re so cool! 🙂

The red tandem having fun outside — Trey dancing and tapping his feet away!

At 3pm, the kids are ready to ask for goodies

Here’s the list of participating stores

…and the signage we have to look for

Sachi on the loose, she’s having fun walking and running around the hall — (We’re letting the dads to the chasing & running)

We got you little girl — now lets do our rounds!

Trick or treat!!!
I love this pic… I told her “open your bag okay, so they can put candies on it” — and she gladly obliged.

With a twinnie! Since our costume is store bought, I’m actually quite surprised we only saw one clone! Teehee 😀 Its my dream to make her own costume. Maybe in the next events to come 🙂

Little Red Riding Hood munching on her trick or treat goodies (except for candies — that went to Yaya)

At the end of the day, we were so tired — at least daddy, yaya and me. Nakakapagod kahit all we do is just walk around the mall. But it was a very happy event for Sachi and whatever pagod we feel, its all worth it. The amount of money we paid could have bought tiwce, thrice the goodies we got, but the happiness? Priceless 🙂