Family Day Out: Megamall

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Sachi’s leaving  for the province (i know, again. hmmp)

We spent all afternoon yesterday at Megamall. We didn’t know where else to go… (if anyone knows a place ideal for kids, please let us know. We’ve been to every mall in this side of the city). At exactly 3pm, we passed the last MMDA at Ortigas Center. Whew! I don’t want to get caught coz we’re coding, that’s too much of a hassle.

Sachi loooves these animal rides, at least sitting on them. (if it moves I think that will be a different story)

We ate at World Chicken, their Asian pasta is love, their chicken not so. We were so hungry! I had El Polo Locco on my mind, but completely forgot about it — mental note: should eat there on our next visit. I miss their chicken & salsa.

Then I finally checked out Forever 21, mygosh it was HUGE! I felt like I was in their US store. Even the checkout counter is similar.

I had my Crepe fix as well — I just love the banana, nutella  & vanilla combo. Hubby doesn’t like fruits in food and Sachi didn’t like it as much, so I have this lovely dessert all by myself. Yuuuuum!

With a mall as big as this, and with Sachi running all around or carrying her… super pagod! But its all worth it. We just walked around the mall and she’s as happy and active as ever.

On our way out, I saw the Payless billboard… ohh I forgot to check out that one! Another reason to go back I guess 🙂

Da-da & Sachi

To World Chicken

My cutiepatootee 😀

Just to document — While I was at Watsons, Sachi fell fell flat down — with blood on her lips 😦 Boo



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Happy Happy Birthday Kim!!

Barkada Z1 celebrated Kim’s birthday at Dilingers

I had fun! Its been awhile since I got tipsy, vomited, and had a hangover. Mygosh. College days. Although we enjoyed the night, the feeling the morning after made me realize why it took me this long to drown myself with alcohol again. I. don’t. like. no more.

To our birthday girl: It was a fab party as always! You already have (or can easily get) any material thing that anyone can think of, we just wish you long lasting happiness and peace of mind 😉 love love love!


Dilingers Steak & Brew
Greenbelt 3
(beside Redbox, what used to be Absinthe)

Hi-Tech Generation

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I wonder what age kids nowadays can use computers by themselves… Grabe, ako high school na. Then college lang ako nagka-notebook. Seems like grade schooler nowadays have their own laptops already.

at 1 year and 10 months…

I once had Sachi watch Barney on You Tube with Pinky, my notebook mini. So now, every time she sees me (or dada) using Pinky, she’d shout “Ahh-knee, ahh-knee”. Whats funny is that when streaming is slow, the video stops right? She must have seen me touched the keys because every time the video stops, she’d press the keys as if it will make the video play.


A Bawaw Day & More

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Wednesdays are play dates. Living in the east side of the metro, I couldn’t think of anything near that is more kid friendly than Tiendesitas. I don’t think we have that much option for play areas. But Tiendesitas is perfect for Sachi — dogs plus fun ranch is the perfect combination!

She really loves animals — dogs and cats on top of her list

We went to this dog shop who sells a 3-month old shih tzu. Its Sachi’s first time to see a teeny tiny dog up close. As expected, she wasn’t afraid to hold it. Soo cuute! Too bad I didn’t get to take a pic.

Jacuzzi for dogs — wow! How sosyal can your pets get?

After almost an hour of walking around the pet stalls and Sachi’s numerous “bawaw bawaw”, pointing to every dog she sees, we headed to Fun Ranch… Surprisingly, there wasn’t that much to do on this side of the fence. There’s a big play area to which Sach is still too young for, few kiddie rides and amusement games. I vowed never to go into kiddie rides after what happened during Hannah’s party so we just played the fishing game.

She has this little fishing toy at home, so this wasn’t new to her — only a bigger version of what she’s familiar with

Look how she’s teaching her fishing partner 😀

She caught a lot! With help from Yayay 🙂

After fishing, we walked some more at SM Supercenter, then we headed back to our favorite Tiende food stall, Three Sisters. They have the yummiest squid, isaw and barbecue.

Sachi starting off with her all time favorite — Tahuuuuu (Taho: Soy Milk)

Then we discovered her love for BBQs

Finger lickin’ good!

It was a happy bawaw day. Now got to think of other places where we can bring her next. Do you know a good place?

**Disclaimer: If you’re not used to eating Isaw, don’t dare. I made a trip to the comfort room several times… and I thought I’m into this kind of food.

The 6/55 Lottery


I’ve never really played the lotto until now. As of writing, the latest lotto prize is a whooping Php 495,597,376.80!!! Its for the November 17, 2010 draw date. We weren’t able to place our bet…

Lotto line was looong on the night of the draw, Nov 17
(Taken at SM Supercenter Pasig)

And to my delight:

Grand Lotto 6/55
Php 495,597,376.80
Draw Date: 11/17/2010

No winner!!! I still got a chance! Hahahahaha. Mygosh. On the next draw, the pot money will even go higher!

So, with Php500k, what shall I do? Considering I win the lotto, on top of my head, here’s where the money will go:

Php 250M — bank and investments. I have yet to think hard what kind of investment. I could probably put up a commercial building, get the rights of an international brand and bring it to the Philippines, invest in International stock market, put up townhouses and apartments, etc etc.

Php 50M — this money will be allotted to help my country in any way

Php 30M — budget for own house and cars and the its maintenance for the next 10years.

Php 50M — buy McDo or Jollibee outlets. I’ll probably manage 1-3 branches and give the others to siblings.

Php 10M — Start a non-profit organization/charity. Money will be invested separately so its existence will last a lifetime.

Php 2M — Php 1M for Yaya (I promised her that because she takes good care of my little daughter), the rest will be distributed to other household help, staff, etc.

Php 3M — Buy all my friends and cousins a Rolex or a piece of jewelry. Something that won’t depreciate its value in time

Php 10M — alloted for my closest relatives, I’ll distribute half in cash, half in investment/business
Php 10M — for my other relatives (I have a huge family!)

Php 10M — for my parents and my in-laws
Php 10M — for my siblings and siblings-in-law
Php 10M — for charities and institution

Php 10M — retirement, educational, health and life plans for my entire family

Php 10M — for Sachi’s college education. Separate dapat. Malay mo she wants to go to Harvard or Standford. Dapat may naka-allot na. Hehe

Php 5M — for travel around the world

Php 1M — material things for me, hubby and Sachi that I couldn’t buy now (ang sarap mangarap!)

Okay — its just too much, still got extra millions! Mahirap pala maging super yaman. Haha! I can’t think of anything concrete right now. Sudden wealth is challenging. There are 2 things though, if I win, I won’t let anybody know except of course my husband and my parents. Second, I think I won’t get it in lumpsum (well, depending on the prize amount), maybe annual payment if there’s an option. There’s a tendency to get overwhelmed. I mean, hello. Look at me now, I don’t exactly know where to place this huge amount of money and its just hypothetical. What more if I have it on hand!

So now, I’m writing this… so that when I win, I know my plan. It gets difficult when you’ve actually won. Clouded mind. So yes, this is a reminder. (Feeling talaga mananalo LOL)

Happy Bru-day!

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Its Atty. Bru’s birthday!!!

My best friends and I call each other brus, derived from bruha perhaps? But we are no bruhas in real life. Well, yeah maybe sometimes, during bad hair days.  Teehee

With me on this pic is Dra. Bru and my yummy rootbeer float.

Atty. Bru, our bru-day celebrant with 3 huge sandwiches

We celebrated Attorney’s bru-day at the newly opened Johnny Rockets at Tomas Morato. Since I am no burger fan, I ordered Philly Cheesesteak, my all time favorite sandwich. Sadly though, it wasn’t sinful. No grease, no sumptuousness. It was dry. Not so cheesesteaky. I like mine sinful. For the price we bru paid, we expected honest to goodness sandwiches.

But at least we were entertained several times with the staff’s dancing. For this, di ako pwede magtrabaho dito.

Here we are, brus in black. We didn’t talk about color coded outfits.
We probably were just on same wavelength.
(Good for me — one is a lawyer, the other a doctor. I-kumpara ang wavelength mo sa kanila, why not. hahaha)

When Dra. Bru ditched us (bitter!)

We spent the rest of the day night drinking cocktails

at Lounge, on top of Amici, just below Ratsky’s.

To my surprise, it was owned by

“Doc Hayden Kho”

The margarita and the sisig was good. We were just off the scene because we weren’t ready for the party goers, wearing heels and all. Plus the loud music. It was like embassy all over — but smaller version.

We wanted a real lounge… where we can drink cocktails and talk.

Well, despite the blaring music, we were still able to talk, nothing can stop friends from talking about anything or just about everything under the sun… but I was paos when we went out. LOL

3 happy faces. 3 happy brus.

Happy Birthday Bru! You already have what it takes… Our only wish is that you finally find what you’ve been looking for *wink wink* Love you!

Little Fashionista

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They have Melissa for kids!! Goodbye muna Crocs

Now I know what to put on Grandma’s Christmas List
Hehe (*wink)

Until then, dito muna tayo sa current shoe collection

Lil doll shoes

(to be updated…)

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