Have u seen any of your country’s president? I would love to meet one and chit chat. Yes, just plain chit chat, no hard core government related talks. You know, just the everyday little things that normal people talk about.

How could we perceive them as normal? President… normal?

On my last day in the US last July, hubby and I spent the afternoon before my flight at Stanford Shopping Centre… and guess who we saw? Gibo!! (I know he didn’t win,so he’s not the President (duh) but this is the closest I got to meeting a President!) We were star struck, even more when we mustered to talk to him.

Me: Hi, Sir
Gibo: Smiles
Me: (uhmm–thinking what to say coz he looked shocked i went up to him) Hi, we’re from  the Philippines, you’re Mr. Gibo Teodoro right?
Gibo: Yes, Hi
Hubby: I am JM, this is my wife
Gibo: (Big smile then shook our hands)
Hubby: I voted for you last election (Talagang i-bring up ang last election)

Then he asked what we’re doing in the US, what we do in the Philippines. We answered and ask  him if he lives in the area, he said his in-laws used to. Parang ganun yata. Basta all the time, we were kinda lost in what to say. I remember mentioning my flight back, with the time and all. Ay. talk about star struck talaga. Di alam sasabihin and isasagot.

Our conversation before we talked to him:

Hubby: Hun, si Gibo
Me: Saan?
Walks past them as if oblivious to their presence
Walk back the aisle (Gibo, wife, and son looking at the display shelves)
Then they were behind us
Knowing hubby is into politics, I was already gathering the courage to walk up to him…
And I did
Hubby got shocked
Pero sumunod sya (I know he’s glad I did )

He’s very nice and has a stature of a well educated man. His wife is regal. Looks very elite.

Oh.. and you know how I like taking pictures right? In my month long stay in the US, I never leave the house without my camera, except this day. Boo!