Sachi’s been having diarrhea for more than a month now. How come it took us a month to get to the doctor? Well, sometimes it goes away, then it comes back. The last doctor we went to said that eating banana and getting into a high fiber diet can cure it. It somehow did, but still, her bowel hasn’t gone back to normal.

We tried changing the brand of her diaper too because she’s having too much rashes and redness on that area. It came to a point that when she’s peeing, she would cry because its painful 😦 But since it was on and off, and she’s pretty much active and playful, it wasn’t that much of a big deal. (Although, the whole thing is still at the back of our heads)

Last Sunday, when her eyes got red and almost sore the next day, we immediately went to the hospital to see our Pediatrician. Turned out he was more concerned of the diarrhea than her eyes, so he referred us to a pedia gastro specialist.

As a (partial) result to the specialist visit, we’re looking to consider lactose intolerance. Whaaaat? Sachi may be lactose intolerant?

Well, I don’t like milk… I cheat whenever I’m asked to drink milk. When I was a kid, I throw those fresh milk tetra packs secretly under the seat of the school bus or at our garbage can in the backyard. But that’s more of a preference isn’t it? So well, maybe this is my karma? Sachi may be lactose intolerant.

A little background on her milk intake — Since she was born, we were users of the Enfa line of milk, then we shifted to Pediasure + Sustagen as per mother, it is more nutritious and better for baby. Well indeed it was nutritious, waaay more nutritious than the others.

The doctor suspects that its because of the milk intake. We’re shifting to a lactose free milk for a month. Then we’ll see how her diarrhea condition goes. She takes 6-8 bottles a day,  doctor said by her age she should be drinking an average of just 2 bottles. Uh oh. Milk overload na pala sya!! Based on her BMI and growth/weight chart, she’s bordering obesity. Golly gosh! Bust she doesn’t look fat. But I have to admit she’s very heavy and tall for her age.

The rashes is an effect of the acidity of her bowels. We’re hoping it will go away soon. Ako un nasasaktan and nangangati for her.

And so we’ve shifted. She’s now a Lactose Free milk user + Mamy Poko to help keep those rashes away. Its a partial result because we still have to submit a stool exam just so we can totally eliminate other possibilities of infections or illness.

Its been 4 days. Since shifting to the lactose free milk, her poop has started to solidify. Haha! talagang from liquipoop to “solidify”. Yay, thank God its just that! Scary ang month long diarrhea ha.

By the way, for her sore eyes — Sunday her eyes started to get red, Monday it was a bit swollen (that’s the day we went to the Pedia). On Tuesday, I was supposed to buy med but couldn’t find the prescription. Wednesday, I saw the prescription but her eyes are back to normal 😀 (Buti nlng I misplaced the prescription. Hehe)

I’m so happy with Sachi — hindi man lang nya ininda yung sore eyes. She was happy, active, playful, and sweet the whole time.