Oh yes, we are not so anti-social after all. Haha! I noticed I haven’t posted anything but Sachi entries. So here’s a post with new people in it. Hehe

We meet up with friends once in awhile, but most of our time are spent at home, at work, with Sachi and you&me dates. Its seldom that we go out with friends anymore. But when a friend based on another country visit the Philippines, we take time to meet up with them.

@ Aruba, Metrowalk

Add 2-3 more pieces and thats it — the Php200+ Salpicao
Its good, yes but the little serving made it so not worth it. Platito?

J’s college friends, with balikbayan from Iraq. Its rare to know someone who’s been to Iraq, better yet makes a living there.Β His work is fascinating. He works in one of the US contractors in Iraq who’s supplying guns and ammos. Hubby is actually thinking of doing the same thing.