Everything I’m posting seems to be a bit delayed. Well this one isn’t a bit, its waaay delayed πŸ˜€

I like preparing for parties. I enjoy the whole process, i like being hands on — so to say, I like to get myself involved.

The last event we hosted is the grand opening-slash-blessing of our newest baby, Posh Nails at SM Marikina. Our very own!! (As of writing its been 4 months since we had our store blessing, so yes, pardon the super duper late post)

To Cat and the team, to the posh nails endorsers who came, to the media, to our guests, to fellow franchisees, to our relatives, to our family, to our friends, to our household helpers, to the nail techs…Β Thank you for being part of this blessed day.

This is an overload of pictures so the page might take awhile to load…

There was unbelievable stress during our construction. We were hands on. Literally. From waking up very early everyday, going to and from SM to bring workers on the site, handling workers, handling everything in the construction site — from the littlest details to the big decisions. From the laborers work to an employer’s work. All the legalities, the paperworks, the legwork.
It was a roller coaster of stressful moments. An inexplainable experience that by itself, we are very proud we’ve surpassed with flying colors. It really was physically, emotionally and financially draining.
So yes, this baby means a lot to us.
Thank you to all the people who made this possible.
May God bless us in this venture πŸ˜‰